About us

We have grown together with the industry.

Do you remember 2012? We do. When we founded our company, smartphones couldn’t be unlocked with a fingerprint.

Since then, the digital world has changed rapidly and we have grown with it. Because we know that our industry continues to change, we are already looking for the best solutions of tomorrow.

We work not only for, but closely with our clients. We personally support you from strategic consulting to conception, design, implementation and launch to continuous integration and further development.

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Our solutions are digital.
Our approach is personal.

  • Simon Schweingruber

    Managing Partner
  • Christian Vollenweider

    Client Service Director, Partner
  • Alex Albu

    Alex Albu

    Production Manager, Partner
  • Andreas Bosshart

    Consultant / Project Manager
  • Victor Seceleanu

    Victor Seceleanu

    Project Manager
  • Fabian Gödri

    Project Manager
  • Andrei Mărin

    Andrei Marin

    Managing Partner RO
  • Vlad Socaciu

    Vlad Socaciu

    Chief Technology Officer, Partner
  • Codruța Meici

    Codruta Meici

    Project Manager
  • Alessandra Heimann

    Project Manager
  • Alin Teslevici

    Alin Teslevici

    Project Manager
  • Mihai Moldoveanu

    Mihai Moldoveanu

    Support Manager
  • Adina Chimniuc

    Adina Chimniuc

    Senior Developer
  • Bogdan Racz

    Bogdan Racz

    Senior Developer
  • Călin Marian

    Calin Marian

    Senior Developer
  • Gabriel Oprițoiu

    Gabriel Opritoiu

    Senior Developer
  • Radu Butcovan

    Radu Butcovan

    Senior Developer
  • Mircea Tihu

    Mircea Tihu

    Senior Developer
  • Daniel Telbis

    Daniel Telbis

    Senior Developer
  • Denis Harda

    Denis Harda

    Senior Developer
  • Florin Șarba

    Florin Sarba

    Senior Developer
  • Mihai Văduva

    Mihai Vaduva

    Senior Frontend Developer
  • Cristian Kerciov

    Cristian Kerciov

    Senior Frontend Developer
  • Robert Răuț

    Robert Raut

    Senior Frontend Developer
  • Sergiu Goman

    Sergiu Goman

    Frontend Developer
  • Gordana Ianculov

    Gordana Ianculov

    Frontend Developer
  • Tudor Cioban

    Tudor Cioban

    Frontend Developer
  • Laurențiu Plăcintă

    Laurentiu Placinta

    Senior QA Tester
  • Andreea Radu

    Andreea Radu

    QA Tester
  • Ana-Maria Beul

    Ana-Maria Beul

    QA Tester
  • Mădălin Ioviță

    Madalin Iovita

    UI / UX Designer
  • Anca Popistaș

    Anca Popistas

    Financial Manager

We play our part in these success stories.


    “Mobile first” is the motto of Cobalt Sign. We have been maintaining this partnership for 7 years and are jointly developing smart Android and iOS apps for clients in the banking and healthcare industries.


    We are Kemiex’s technical partner. Kemiex is the largest trading platform for chemical additives.