Dream Production Webagentur Zürich

Excellence in mobile and web development

We are a development company focusing on WordPress, Drupal and Symfony development with offices in Zurich and Timisoara.

A team of  35 highly skilled software engineers and consultants provides a holistic experience for businesses in need of a technical partner.

Drupal Webagentur Zürich

We use Drupal to build user-friendly online shops and custom content platforms. Our client portfolio includes young business owners, well-established companies, and government funded programs, all of which sought our development expertise and were delivered turn-key solutions.

Wordpress Webagentur Zürich

We’re extremely efficient at implementing beautiful and highly functional WordPress websites. Whether you need a pocket-size showcase website or a custom-developed company website, we’re up to the challenge and will do our best to meet your expectations and your budget. Have questions about WordPress, read our FAQ.

Symfony Webagentur Zürich

Symfony is a modern application framework based on PHP. We love Symfony for its flexibility, pragmatism and the fact that it has a huge and ever growing community.

Project Management

Simon Schweingruber

Managing Partner CH
Chrigi Webagentur Zürich

Christian Vollenweider

Client Service Director, Partner
Alexandru Webagentur Zürich

Alex Albu

Production Manager, Partner
Fabian Webagentur Zürich

Fabian Gödri

Project Manager
Alessandra Heimann Webagentur Zürich

Alessandra Heimann

Project Manager
Adrian Webagentur Zürich

Adrian Șchiopu

Project Manager
Codruta Webagentur Zürich

Codruța Meici

Project Manager
Michi Webagentur Zürich

Mihai Moldoveanu

Support Manager

Development & Production

Andrei Webagentur Zürich

Andrei Mărin

Managing Partner RO
Vlad Webagentur Zürich

Vlad Socaciu

Chief Technology Officer, Partner
Anca Webagentur Zürich

Anca Popistaș

Financial Manager
Adi Webagentur Zürich

Adrian Bora

Talent Scout
Dorin Webagentur Zürich

Dorin Solomon

Senior SysAdmin
Calin Webagentur Zürich

Călin Marian

Senior Developer
Adina Webagentur Zürich

Adina Chimniuc

Senior Developer
Bogdan Webagentur Zürich

Bogdan Racz

Senior Developer
Radu Webagentur Zürich

Radu Butcovan

Senior Developer
Claudiu Webagentur Zürich

Claudiu Chirilov

Senior Developer
Gabriel Webagentur Zürich

Gabriel Oprițoiu

Senior Developer
Daniel Webagentur Zürich

Daniel Telbis

Senior Developer
Mircea Webagentur Zürich

Mircea Tihu

Senior Developer
Denis Webagentur Zürich

Denis Harda

Florin Webagentur Zürich

Florin Șarba

Darius Webagentur Zürich

Darius Restivan

Junior Developer
Mihai Webagentur Zürich

Mihai Văduva

Senior Frontend Developer
Cristian Webagentur Zürich

Cristian Kerciov

Senior Frontend Developer
Robert Webagentur Zürich

Robert Răuț

Senior Frontend Developer
Sergiu Webagentur Zürich

Sergiu Goman

Frontend Developer

Tudor Cioban

Frontend Developer
Madalin Iovita

Mădălin Ioviță

UI / UX Designer
Laurentiu Webagentur Zürich

Laurențiu Plăcintă

Senior QA Tester
Gratian Webagentur Zürich

Grațian Demian

Senior QA Tester
Andreea Radu

Andreea Radu

QA Tester
Iulia Webagentur Zürich

Iulia Nălățan

Content & Support

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