Lanter Responsive Webseite Symfony Agentur

Building a Professional Website for a Zürich-based Law Firm

The nature of the company always has the first and last thing to say when it comes to choosing to shape their image. So it was no surprise that when we started to work with a law company they were seeking pragmatic and straightforward outcomes.

Lanter is a Swiss law company, providing customized legal advice and tax consulting.

Having a highly qualified team of lawyers and consultants, an international experience and a broad spectrum of competencies, they cater to clients on matters of economic, trade, fiscal and private law.

Thus, they wanted a presentation website that will reflect the professionalism behind their work.

Lanter Responsive Webseite

Our team created a clear and modern feel that appeals and allows information to be transmitted seamlessly. Starting with the wireframes, we worked on a photographically-driven home page and focused on how the company wanted a user to experience the flow of the website. Placing on their fingertips all the information about Lanter’s values, services and lawyers.

The black and white photographs, the fonts, the sticky header, they all provide a unified image. The design was created so that it won’t intrude on usability and will offer a good experience from any device. On development, we followed the same direction by customizing features on WordPress and we took care of all client requirements.

This is only one of our latest project, to learn more about our work, take a peek on our projects section. And if you want to build or upgrade your online presence, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and tell us all about it.

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