An MVC Approach
to WordPress Theme Development

MVC WordPress

In this article we will talk about how we started working with Twig, the context and motivation behind it and how it helps us in building WordPress theme templates faster and more reliable. The focus will be on how we made the integration possible, thus managing to minimize our backend development efforts by adopting an MVC […]

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Hosting and Server Considerations

technical server considerations

Many clients ask us what type of hosting they should choose for their websites. We want to share with you the most frequent questions we get and what our answers are regarding the topic of hosting and technical server considerations. Does My CMS Influence My Hosting Decision? Most general use CMSs can be hosted on […]

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An Overview of Working with Drupal 8

drupal logo

The launch of Drupal 8 has started a mixed wave of enthusiasm and skepticism in the development community. In a nutshell, the switch from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is a new chapter that brings many uncertainties but provides a promising perspective. There are many implications to be considered but it’s the start of a […]

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Super Discount is one of the biggest online retailers in Switzerland, selling products from top brands like Electrolux, Miele and Schulthess, to name just a few. The online shop features some 18.000 products clustered in a hierarchy structure of 400 categories, all available in both German and French. In a nutshell, this beast was a […]

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Yield Pop, a Custom Social Network Drupal Website

YieldPop Dupal Platform Custom Styling

Yield Pop is a Swiss-based award winning startup that aims to provide an agriculture resource platform that facilitates networking in farming communities worldwide. The platform connects farmers with peers and field specialists, engages its members in discussion boards, provides relevant information and credible answers. In addition it allows farmers to follow updates in their area and […]

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Alomoda Shop

Alomoda Shop Custom Drupal Commerce Website Home Page

We were thrilled to hear that Romania’s top fashion blog AloMoDa was about to enter the online fashion retail market and that they wanted us to implement their online shop. We have previously helped them with their WordPress website optimization and handled a database migration, but now it was time to bring out the big […]

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