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Digital sales channels, new business models and a global market. E-commerce offers incredible opportunities in the digital world. We are happy to guide you through the process of digitizing your sales and marketing channels.

Our offer: together with you, we define an implementation-oriented e-commerce strategy, and we develop your online shop with modern and innovative retail systems.

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The choice of the right shop system

Your requirements determine the technology

We have worked with a variety of shop systems and, among these, our favorites Shopware, WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce have crystallized. However, it is ultimately the requirements of the business that decide which shop system is best suited for your project.

Are the requirements for the online shop not yet clarified? We have created this checklist for you. Based on this checklist, we can also send you an initial cost estimate.

As for all development activities, we emphasize professional development workflows and best practices such as version control via Gitlab, professional and dedicated testing teams, and a project management method structured according to agile principles. What this means for you:

  • High-performance solutions that run when you’re busiest – when sales are high.
  • We guarantee maintenance, support and security updates on your shop so that it runs smoothly.
  • You get an expandable solution: in case of new requirements we can develop your system further, because it is a custom development and we know the codebase very well.
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Questions about E-commerce

Which is the best shop system?

That depends entirely on your needs. We have had very good experiences with open source systems. In our overview of e-commerce systems you will find our assessment of common systems. 


How long does a shop project take?

This basically depends on the complexity of the planned solution; in particular, the connection of peripheral systems can take up a lot of time. In any case, at least 6 months should be planned.


How much does an online shop cost?

The total costs for the shop are made up of the investment costs for the shop development, licensing costs – which do not apply to open-source solutions – and the operating costs (hosting, maintenance). The costs for the creation of the content, as well as the costs incurred by the (interface) partners are not to be neglected either.

The investment costs – usually the biggest chunk – heavily depend on the requirements. Only when it is clear which features the shop should cover can a serious cost estimate be made. 


Is WordPress suitable for online shops?

WooCommerce is a good plugin for the implementation of WordPress shops, and we deploy online shops with WordPress / WooCommerce. For smaller and simpler shops, WordPress is very good. For larger shops, we prefer to use Shopware 6, because Shopware 6 offers more features, especially in the areas of master data, inventory management, cross-channel commerce and simple ERP.