The First Drupal Iron Camp

Between 24-27 November, Prague will be the host of the first Drupal Iron Camp. The event aims to reunite the Drupal workforce in Central and Eastern Europe with the rest of the world in a first edition that is expected to gather more than 300 attendees. Furthermore, several Central and Eastern European countries will take turns in organizing this new annual conference in the years to come.

Iran Camp Prag

Aside from technical topics covered in development sprints and sessions, the conference will also focus on knowledge sharing on how to establish business opportunities between this regional Drupal community and Western companies.

The novelty of this event will be the CxO day, an entire day dedicated to top management representatives. The sessions’ access will be limited to only one company representative that holds a full ticket.

Needless to say, Iron Camp is highly anticipated in the Drupal community and it is our pleasure to be a part of this event in more than one way. Călin is a proud member of the organizing committee and we’re excited to be gold sponsors of this first edition.

All in all, we can’t wait to see you there. We hope Drupal Iron Camp will be an experience we will all learn from by bringing forward valuable ideas on how to generate new business opportunities.