Most of us plot our path in life starting from the things we love to do, occasionally allowing others to add a few twists and turns along the way.

Meet the People Behind the Screens: Adi, Our New Talent Scout

December 19, 2016

Most of us plot our path in life starting from the things we love to do, occasionally allowing others to add a few twists and turns along the way. In Adi’s case, this path seemed quite predictable from an early age, since all his efforts were leading towards a career in IT.

After spending three years studying Electronics & Telecommunications everyone could envision his career as an engineer, except for him. At that point, he decided to do something for himself and joined AIESEC, an international NGO for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, in hope of finding a new drive.

It was around this time we first met Adi when he registered for a hacking competition we organized through GeekMeet. He pitched for an internal communication platform for AIESEC and the team he formed won first prize, grabbing free tickets for How to Web, one of the biggest tech conferences in Romania.

Thinking back, Adi still considers that attending the conference was an important milestone in his career. That’s where he encountered two people who eventually became his role models and inspired him to pursue a dream that was fuzzily taking shape in the back of his mind.

While opening up to industry experts he realized that his technical background and the desire to work with people can actually converge and this lead him on a new path. It was the first time he met an actual talent scout and shortly after he knew that’s the thing he wanted to do. Being a talent scout in IT requires a unique set of skills that no college education can fully provide. It takes people skills, lots of networking and most importantly a technical mindset and a strong intuition to know what to look for in a candidate when trying to find the right fit.

Still being involved in AIESEC, Adi started his first job in quality assurance in a multinational company, but not long after he was approached by an IT startup and was offered the chance to put his talent scouting skills in practice. It’s a career he loves and he got here in his own special way.

During a three years collaboration, he was the startup’s “Jack of all Trades” and managed to do everything from organizing international IT events, to finding and developing new talent. However, the thing he’s most proud of is having been one of the pillars that supported the company’s growth from a 5 people early age startup to an emerging cloud computing company, hiring over 60 employees in the process.

Adi is an avid advocate of learning by doing and a big enthusiast of big data & cloud. On a more personal note, he confessed to having a crush on all things Japanese and told us that Tokyo and Budapest are probably the only cities he’d consider relocating to.

His decision to join our team was based on the career-changing personal experience he had some four years ago and on the intuition that this is an environment where he can take his next big professional challenge.

We couldn’t be happier with his choice and we’re looking forward to having Adi charting our own path towards a bigger and stronger team. That being said, better keep an eye out for new openings on our Services page.