Time to freshen up a bit the mood around here.

Meet the People Behind the Screens: Denis and Radu, Our Summer Recruits

October 7, 2015

Not only that we have two new colleagues but one of them is the youngest member of our team so far. Things are changing, as you probably already noticed and we’re getting ready for exciting new grounds.

Oh, and did we mention we’re still hiring? Take a look at our new openings, maybe our next “behind the scenes” article will be about you. 😉

So let us introduce you our newest team members. If we were a team of Marvel superheroes then probably Radu and Denis would be our Batman and Robin. Radu is a skilled programmer, with a considerable experience, a pinch of personal mystery and always ready to tackle even the most challenging tasks. Denis is young and really ambitious. He’s extremely driven and a fast learner. He’s not afraid of the unexpected and by all we learned about him so far he’s gonna be a kick-ass developer.


With an early developed passion for programming, Denis’ high-school favorite subject soon became a career path. Fueled by the desire to learn more and inspired by his uncle’s success in the field, he choose to follow his footsteps when he took the decision to move in Timișoara. Thus, Denis is now a student at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, studying hard for his diploma in computer engineering. His outgoing nature kept him busy, so besides being a full time student he managed to take his first part-time job during his third university year.

Now, in between writing his bachelor thesis, developing new websites and hitting the gym as often as possible, he still finds time to enjoy student life. Denis joggles like a pro with all the things he likes, that’s why we sometimes wonder if his day is longer than ours. We’re glad to have him working hard on our WordPress projects and we are confident his skills are only going to sharpen with time.


Now, on the other hand we also have Radu, an equally passionate developer with an amazing experience that speaks for itself. Radu was a prodigy, he won several national Programming Olympics in high-school and developed his first commercial software when he was only 17 years old. He built an educational app that was a hit at the time. It was a virtual laboratory where you could simulate real experiments. The program was adopted by the Ministry of Education and used country-wide in many schools.

He followed the thread of his new passion and enrolled in university. While studying he dallied with the idea of building embedded systems and microcontrollers but finally decided that developing software for the masses was more of his thing. Thus, his first job after university was as web developer. He still enjoys playing with all sorts of programming languages and still dreams at the day when he’ll master all of them.

He freelanced for an extended period of time but being a one man show was a real struggle. So, at the right time he begun looking for a new job. That’s when we met him.

Now Radu is part of our Drupal team and enjoys this new challenge. He missed being part of a team where each has the chance to focus on specific features thoroughly and he loves not needing to do everything from project management, to frontend and backend development, all by himself.

That’s it for the time being, we’ll be back with more exciting news. Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining our team or talking about a new project, drop us a line, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you.