Meet the People Behind the Screens: Project Management Reloaded

We carefully follow a golden rule: no good project can start without a proper plan. And in order to keep things under control and always have a clear overview on projects we practice strict project management.

Once we felt our in-house experience was no longer enough for our clients’ expectations we decided it was about time for a team upgrade and bring in fresh blood to help us tackle even the most cumbersome projects challenges.
After a quite lengthy recruitment process (we’re picky, I’ll give you that) we can finally introduce our two new team members: Codruța and Adrian. They come from different backgrounds but they’re equally passionate about project management and eager to be part of a team where they can grow while applying their knowledge. We are excited to have them aboard and looking forward to our adventure together!


Codruța discovered her interest in project management while pursuing personal growth. After passionately embracing psychology she earned her bachelor and master’s degree in the field, but found herself longing for a job that would provide a more meaningful effort output.

Her first entry level job in an IT company seemed to provide a new development path. There she had the chance to gain experience as she transitioned through several positions from team leader to project manager. Soon enough she realised she actually liked working in IT.

Once she decided she would stick with the IT crowd Codruța felt she could use a creative dimension in her work. The choice was obvious: web development would be her next stepping stone. While she now learns how to deal with the peculiarities of web development projects, she still hasn’t forgot her first passion. She still takes psychology classes and hopes that soon she will provide psychotherapy counselling at the NGO she volunteers for. Outside of work Codruța enjoys a good concert or theater play, she reads and she travels as much as possible.


Adrian on the other hand started out as a tester and had thoroughly trained his eye for spotting details. That was 9 years ago, and between then and now he earned a University degree and has joggled with Q.A. and later project management in several IT companies. His shift towards project management was fast-tracked by a less predictable working  environment and the need to better organize his and his team work, plus he felt the need to escape routine.

After trying out several project management methodologies he became fond of working with Agile, in particular applying SCRUM as he felt the focus should stay with the team. Already a certified SCRUM master, Adi is eager to share his knowledge and help us structure our work better.

If you’re thinking work is enough to keep him busy, you’re in for a surprise. Outside work, he is a husband and father of two adorable boys, but also finds time to play drums in a local music band. Seems like we have a special ability to spot creative people with strong technical capabilities.

Adrian-Schiopu Dream Production

That being said, we should mention our team already has two bass players, a lead singer, a guitarist and now a drummer. Our guess is our next job opening will have to include a talent section stating all candidates should play at least one instrument. This way we’ll be able to put together our own band in no time.

We’re very excited our colleagues find the time and inspiration to grow amazing hobbies and do the things they like. Guys, we’re happy to have you on board and we look forward to work on some amazing projects together!