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Meet the People Behind the Screens: Sergiu and Florin, Fresh Recruits

Our developers team just got bigger, supercharging its forces on both frontend and backend. Our new colleagues are both really young and have managed to bring down the average age in the company to 28. Both of them were lucky enough to discover their passion for development early, so they got really good at it quite quickly.

Sergiu Goman

On the frontend part we have Sergiu, who got tangled up in an artistic part of web development.

Sergiu-Goman Dream Production

He grasped the basics of HTML in middle school, but his creative passion fueled by the discovery of Photoshop has shifted his path and created the perfect middle ground for him. He can proudly state he build his first website in 8th grade and he later used high school as his launching pad. He reconstructed the school website and began freelancing for friends and acquaintances.

Along the way he tried several IDEs, did internships and managed to get his first job right after he graduated high school. His perfectionist nature and fast-paced ambition did not fit the post-graduate curriculum so he decided to focus on self-improvement rather than a formal education.

He flirted with photography, he loves gadgets and he’s on a constant journey to develop a better version of himself. He’s an ambitious guy, we must give him that!

Florin Șarba

Florin on the other hand started spending time in front of a screen by playing computer games and fell in love with the Internet when he upgraded to his first Windows XP.

Florin Dream Production

He was also quite a prodigy. He managed to have his first website up and running when he was only 13 years old. He juggled with several programming languages, but decided that writing code for the web is the track he wants to pursue since it feels more dynamic due to ever-evolving technology stacks and frameworks.

His interest in how the web works grew as he discovered what it means to run a server. To test his capabilities he started a gaming community, managed to gain 4000 members and involve a crew of 15 staff members.

This hobby raised his interest to join a hacking competition where we met him. Now Florin is both a university student, a part-time developer in our company and an avid learner of new technologies. Oh! Did we mention he’s only 18!?

That’s right, we weren’t kidding that we have a young, talented and extremely motivated team. If you find your story somehow similar, if you can relate to this passion for coding and desire for improving your skills, feel free to drop us a line. We’re eager to meet you!