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Pfister WordPress Webagentur
Pfister WordPress Webagentur

Pfister started out as a family business and developed into the largest furniture retailer in Switzerland, boasting one of the richest heritage in the industry. Employing over 2000 people in its 20 stores country-wide network and having recently launched its new online shop, the company offers more than 14,000 products to inspire customers when decorating their homes.

Content Management System:WordPress
Functionalities:Multilingual, Custom Theme, Interactive

Dream Production Services

Pfister decided to engage its online audience through two channels: a new blog and a campaign microsite. While the blog was meant to act as a source of practical information and inspire the Pfister following, the microsite would provide customers and readers to craft their own ideas and inspire other.

The first part of the Pfister project covered the implementation of the campaign microsite which launched with a slogan competition that challenged participants to come up with the wittiest definition of what “being home” means to them. The interactive online tool we implemented allowed users to upload images, edit and style text while being able to preview their artifact in real time before submitting their competition entry. Once submitted, the user generated content was available to all the website visitors to rate and share on social media.

While the microsite development was under way, work on creating the blog also started. The custom WordPress theme implemented for the Pfister Blog shares the microsite’s visual identity and user-centric design while acting as a stepping stone for both website growth and customer acquisition.

Pfister WordPress Webagentur

The second iteration of the microsite project brought a new Christmas-themed campaign. This time users were encouraged to interact with an Advent calendar in order to win special prizes each day while counting down to Christmas and discovering new Pfister products.

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