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About the Project

With a network of over 2000 offices all over Switzerland, Die Post is the number one logistics and postal partner for Swiss businesses and individuals alike.

In 2002 the yellow color has become an official part of the company brand. More importantly, yellow became part of an identity shared by more than 60.000 people who proudly wear a Swiss Post uniform, as several generations have done before them. It’s these hard working people that the Swiss Post wanted to celebrate by sharing their stories and it’s how it was born.

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    Multilingual, Custom Content Filtering, One Page Submissions

Dream Production Services

Die Post’s idea was to create a feedback-friendly platform, where employees could register and share work stories. After registering with their work ID, each person can upload a story from their personal working experience or a team story.

Our goal was to provide a simple solution for these stories to be published. The core challenge was that of building an interactive interface where employees can upload photos, edit them, write their story and eventually submit it. And so we did, all these actions taking place in the same section without the user having to leave the page or access a dashboard.

The streamlined process also provides easy content management for administrators, since each story must be reviewed before being published. As a result, in addition to published and unpublished stories, the platform also allows administrators to mark stories as ‘rejected’ as a way to keep tabs on all the reviewed articles.

As a nation-wide company that caters to German, French and Italian-speaking communities and one that employs native speakers of all three official languages, Die Post needed a localized platform to showcase content for each language on its own domain.

Switching between the 3 different language feeds also included a bit of a twist. In order to emphasize the multilingual dimension of the platform each individual language feed had to include at least one story published in one of the two other languages. The feature implementation required some custom tweaking applied on the content filtering mechanism.

The Ich Bewege Gelb platform is a great example of how Drupal can be used in a less conventional website build. All content filtering options, one page interactive interface as well as the widgets used to feature events or quizzes, were built to suit the client’s needs. And judging by the amount of stories published on the website and shared across social media it seems the end users were also excited to use this custom platform.

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