Frontend Implementation for Viseca - Responsive Design

About the Project

Viseca Card Services SA is one of the largest Swiss publishers of Mastercard® and Visa credit and prepaid cards. We implemented the frontend for the main website and the customer portal Viseca One.

  • Content Management System
    CMS implementation not done by Dream Production
  • Functionalities
    Responsive Design, Bootstrap, jQuery, Mobile First, SASS Precompiler, Frontend Implementation

Together with Atfront we created the digital visual identity for Viseca and implemented the vision to life using cutting edge frontend technologies.

To ensure that the websites are displayed optimally on all devices, the frontend is implemented using responsive design. Three basic breakpoints have been defined: the smallest breakpoint for mobile devices (iOS, Android), a middle breakpoint for tablets and a breakpoint for laptops and desktop computers.

The final frontend templates are used in different systems. Therefore, one of the most important requirements was that the frontend templates are modular, well structured and easy to maintain. The following tools, libraries and methodologies were used:

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