A WordPress Solution to Develop Switzerland’s Biggest Concerts Platform

Gadget Webseite WordPress Agentur
Gadget Webseite WordPress Agentur

Swiss concerts platform Gadget.ch is the place to go for music lovers and fans that want to know all about upcoming music events and their favorite artists. The massive interconnected data collection that makes up the website had to be laid on a well structured architecture outlined by our client’s initial design.

Content Management System:WordPress
Functionalities:Custom WordPress Dashboard, Interconnected Content, Responsive

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Handling such a complex platform build is no easy task, but seeing everything work as planned is gratifying. The platform comprises many interconnected data structures that need to provide wholesome information to any visitor.

The artist’s profile page is the cornerstone of this construction. Relevant references, artists bio and all future concerts taking place in Switzerland guide visitors towards dedicated website sections where they can further discover the Swiss music scene.

Events have a separate comprehensive listing, where concerts can be filtered by city or by performing artists. The interface makes it simple for visitors to access information while the custom WordPress dashboard allows editors to easily associate data to an artist profile. The information is then seamlessly displayed on several different sections in the desired format without the need for additional configuration.

Although Gadget does not include a ticketing functionality it’s one of the most popular gateways to official ticket seller website. In addition to providing all the details music lovers need to buy tickets for their idols’ concerts, the platform also references the best digital music stores where fans can purchase quality tracks and albums.

The website also has a hidden section, open to media partners only. The media section includes official artist images, posters, album covers and any other materials promoters may use in their marketing efforts. On the other hand, any visitor can check out the News section for the most recent articles on Swiss artists and the biggest international names in the music industry.
The Gadget platform now provides timely information for a passionate community through a simple to access interface. For our client this solution is a good example on how tweaking WordPress can actually help ease your work and deliver the most favorable outcome.

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