Gamification in Business – Mobiliar’s Interactive Manual for Employees

About the Project

Mobiliar is an insurance and risk management company from Switzerland. With over 6000 people all over the country, they have developed a strong organizational culture and an equally powerful reputation.

  • Content Management System
    Drupal 8
  • Functionalities
    3d interface built in Three.js, Active Directory Integration, Single Sign On, WebSockets integration for real-time updates

Dream Production Services

The platform is, in fact, a single page application built in Drupal 8. Functioning as a game, it encourages users to learn company policies, test their knowledge on quizzes, and share their discoveries in order to get points and reach top ranks. Through a restrict VPN, the website is available only for their employees. Moreover, using an automated import from active directory and single sign-on functionality, we provide the capabilities to control real-time access on the web application and enable employees to log in automatically.

The core section of the application lies in the 3D route you can explore to find news, quizzes, and events. Built in Three.js, a cross-browser JavaScript library, it was designed as the main interface for the user to easily access all the resources of the application.

All the news, ranks, and activities are updated in real time using the WebSockets protocol, a solution that allows data synchronization using a single process for all users. This solution cuts on resources and provides a viable outcome on an efficient rate.

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