A WordPress Website with a Modern Design for Award Winning Interior Design Agency

About the Project

Interstore is an award winning interior design agency. They create store concepts since 1987 and their portfolio is nothing short of impressive. When working with such a creative client you can only expect to implement a highly customized website that brings forward an unique perspective.

  • Content Management System
  • Functionalities
    Multilingual, Fullscreen, Lazy Loading, Image Effects

Dream Production Services

The main aim was to showcase the agency through compelling visuals and provide a sleek experience in terms of navigation and information accessibility. Once we received the design we started to adapt it and while keeping in mind functionality and user experience. Each change was properly discussed and now the full screen presentation website is the end result of a thorough, yet creative challenge.

The site sections open up with a full screen image and are followed by content sections displayed via lazy loading triggered on scroll, a behavior consistent throughout all available layouts. The website is multilingual so the content is accessible in both English and German.

All templates follow the same principles, the website is brand aligned and communicates the information steadily through gripping graphics. The News section is one of the most relevant example that proves the level of personalization this website has undergone. Instead of a classical blog stream you’ll find an image carousel, where the interaction with any showcase image loads a new article in the same page. The navigation is simple and captivating.

It was a successful project which met both our client’s expectations and provided a creative playground to experiment on. Last but not least, we were thrilled the website has received positive feedback from the Awwwards community. You can check the project here.

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