Modern Design for a Leading Swiss Ring Manufacturer

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Furrer Jacot is a Swiss manufacturer of engagement and wedding rings, as well as selected diamond jewelry made for a lifetime. Furrer Jacot is one of the leading companies in the field and has a history of more than 150 years of craftsmanship.

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    Concept Design, Responsive Design, Multilingual, Geolocation

The new website is intended to help Furrer Jacot showcase their wide range of rings to customers all over the world and increase the sales potential of individual jewelers. The new modern design complemented by generous product photography and a clear structure puts personal pieces of jewelry at the heart of the user experience. White spaces and fine colours fall in line with Furrer Jacot’s vision of maximum exclusivity.

To provide Furrer Jacot with the platform they needed, we implemented an end-to-end solution, taking care of everything from frontend to backend development, while also handling the content management work that had to be done. As the functionality described below will also suggest Drupal came out as the best solution to go forward. The concept design and visual identity was created by Source, one of our design partners in Switzerland.

Using Drupal 8’s native multilingual capabilities we build an international website that makes content available in several different languages. In addition to this, multiple regions are defined (USA, UK, EU, Switzerland and Japan) with Furrer Jacot having the possibility to decide what content to show or restrict to users based on the region: currency, ring models and configurations, and more. The EU and Switzerland regions have content available in English, German and French, while the other regions have content available in their official language.

To allow users direct access to the region they are from, we use geolocation to detect the user’s country via their IP address and display the content from the correct region. Based on the browser’s language setting we also detect the correct language to display the content in. For users outside the defined regions the Swiss site loads as default, while English is the default language if the browser language setting is different than the ones available.

Content pages are built from predefined widgets (Slider, Text, Title, Media, Collections, Categories, etc.) that provide editors with an enhanced yet structured way to create and manage content. In order to implement this custom layout builder we used the Paragraphs and Media modules from Drupal.

An important requirement was to provide Furrer Jacot with the possibility to import all of their products and product information from their old website. We implemented a custom importer to migrate data from their old database (MSSQL) to the new one (mySQL) and account for the differences in database structure.

Drupal is great for managing product information. On top of Drupal’s default functionality we implemented a custom structure to help Furrer Jacot better manage their products. All the rings are divided into three main categories (wedding, engagement and jewelry) with each ring having different bundles (same model, but different materials and specifications).

After you buy a ring you can register it for a lifetime warranty on the Furrer Jacot website by providing the reference number (model) and serial number, which is unique to your ring. Data will be validated in the backend and you will be able to see information about your ring and interventions (ring service & adjustments) all in one place.

We also implemented a shop finder functionality, where you can search for a shop in a specific country or close to where you live. To implement this we used the Google Maps module in Drupal and wrote some custom code on top. We also used the Places API from Google to implement different filters based on country, city and radius.

Furrer-Jacot allows you to choose the ring(s) you like and get them shipped to any authorized Furrer-Jacot retailer in Switzerland where you can Try Your Ring out. The jewelry store will contact you to make an appointment.

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