New, user-friendly CMS for Livit AG

About the Project

Livit manages private properties as well as companies and has become an important player in the Swiss real estate industry. Livit decided to redesign its website before the year 2018. One important element is the new CMS, which has provided the many editors in the company with a convenient, easy-to-use tool.

  • Content Management System
  • Functionalities
    Multilingual, Responsive Design, Integration Salesforce, Multisite, Queue-based Updates, Synchronization of residential properties

Dream Production Services

Right at the beginning of the project, it was vital for Livit to bring the new website in line with the current demands of digital transformation in the real estate industry. By recommendation, Dream Production has applied for the job and was able to convince Livit with their presentation. The ambitious goal was: The new online presence should rely on a solid, flexible and, above all, expandable technology. The request also included support for complex features; at the same time, Livit wanted a very user-friendly, intuitive CMS for the company editors.

Shortly after the launch of the new website, Livit introduced to the interested parties all available residential properties, along with the entire registration procedure, as part of its digitalization strategy. Dream Production has not only developed forms, but also an interesting additional function. As soon as the apartment seeker has selected an object, the user also receives suitable alternative offers according to the given search criteria. This leads to a higher conversion potential.

For the calculation of the alternative offers and registration of credentials, Dream Production has programmed the proven CRM Sales Force in close cooperation with the IT department of Livit integrations. As an additional backup and to avoid data loss in any case, Dream Production has also programmed, as a failsafe, a queuing solution with the Symfony framework and Rabbit MQ.

Livit has by no means regretted its decision to relaunch. The website is accurate in providing information, it supplies rich content to different audiences, and proves to be an indispensable driver for the digital marketing strategy.

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