New website for standing ovation

The agency industry generally is in the middle of the digital transformation. standing ovation is a leading partner for live communication and brand experience. The event agency wants to emphasize the digital competence with a state-of-the-art web presence.

Content Management System:Wordpress
Functionalities:Modular and intuitive backend with many options

Performances of Dream Production

The live experience becomes an indispensable instrument of brand management. standing ovation embeds live communication in the brand strategy and makes it the content driver for all communication channels. In the summer of 2018 standing ovation commissioned Dream Production to renew the website. Dream Production has already recommended itself with the previous website.

Within the given project time, Dream Production has developed a classic website, which is able to trigger a visual wow experience for the viewer. Dream Production has put a lot of energy into the transitions between each section of the site so that the web visitor moves from one core element to another through gentle guidance. Small, dynamic arrows and a slight zoom effect emphasize the core themes of standing ovation. Many messages can be visually experienced; the content delivered by standing ovation is kept short.

standing ovation sees their goals fulfilled with the new website and is convinced that Dream Production has managed to convey the mission and market position of the event agency via the website.

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