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About the Project

The Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) sees itself as the voice of Psychology in society, promotes the recognition of its members and works with regional and national partner organizations. In April 2018 FSP decided to modernize their website.

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    Multilingual, elaborate state-of-the-art search functionality, SEO

Dream Production Services

The new Website for the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) has proven to be a challenging project for Dream Production. Dream Production worked closely with the design agency Atfront and the FSP. The biggest challenge was to cover the different target group needs with the redesign.

On the former website of the FSP there was only a simple search without much intelligence. With the PsyFinder developed by Dream Production, the search for a psychologist can now be very cleverly limited. After entering symptoms, causes, methods, and choosing a location, the chances of finding the appropriate person’s profile are much higher. Dream Production has used the state-of-the-art solution «Elasticsearch».

Market leaders such as Facebook, but also GitHub, Netflix, SoundCloud and Zalando already rely on this successful search engine technology. The search for Elasticsearch is done via an index. This means that when a search is made, the program checks a previously created index of the documents in which all processed contents are stored. This process takes much less time than searching all documents. Elasticsearch is based on the object-oriented programming language Java. The search engine outputs search results in JSON format and delivers them via a REST web service. The API makes it very easy to put the search function into a website.

An organizational challenge was to motivate FSP members to provide more data for their profiles in good time before launching the new site. With around 8,000 members, this is no easy task and requires a lot of organizational talent, tenacity and efficient working methods. Previously, member profiles were quite rudimentary. The enriched content has made the PsyFinder much more efficient. Member data is now reconciled daily with internal CRM to ensure that titles and other information are always up-to-date. Incidentally, the PsyFinder is also offered as a white-label solution to FSP affiliates.

The FSP is extremely satisfied with the new appearance. The fruitful cooperation with the association and with the design agency Atfront has led to a convincing synthesis of design and functionality. The new website is proving to be an important public relations tool of the FSP and has become the leading psychology portal in Switzerland. Dream Production took over the maintenance of the website after completing the project and has already refined the PsyFinder with a perimeter search.

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