Going Responsive – Custom WordPress Theme Redesign

We decided to harness the great energy boost Spring brought along and do some tweaking work on our website. The new additions include an upgrade to a responsive WordPress theme, updates to our Services and About pages, and a redesigned contact form.

Responsive WordPress Theme Layout

The first order of business was the implementation of a new responsive WordPress theme. To do so we used a fluid grid that accommodates the website layout to any screen size so you can now enjoy a great browsing experience whether you reach us from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Flexible images resize according to screen resolution, while touch navigation is made effortless thanks to a snappy slider that improves swiping through case studies and image galleries. In addition, we have also optimized the website so all content loads super-fast on any device, regardless of your internet connection.

Transparent Service Rates

Whenever we receive a quote request we like to clear the air from the get-go. If you have already requested a price quote from us, you know we list our rates to make sure financial concerns are addressed while setting the common work ground together with our clients.

With the latest update to our Services page we wanted to make things even easier for our prospective clients. While most companies consider their rates a taboo subject, we believe it would actually save you some time to know what are our going rates before you send a project estimate inquiry.

Contact Form Redesign

The thing is we weren’t really happy with our old contact form. Although it fulfilled its purpose and people did manage to contact us, we felt we can do better. So after sitting down, doing some research and a bit of sketching, we figured out how to make a difference.

Since we were already in the process of sketching our responsive WordPress theme, at this point it also felt natural to reposition the contact form in the website. We decided to turn the discreet contact form button in the footer into a dominant design element included in the website header. This also emphasizes our approach towards prospective clients who are no longer presented with an inexpressive Show contact form button label, but with a positive call to action: Tell us about your project. Note that you will be redirected to the contact page we set as a fallback in case you will follow this link from a mobile device.

Meet Our Team

Last but not least, and definitely a change that brought a lot of personal satisfaction, during the responsive WordPress theme redesign process we have also updated our website’s About page. You can now find in one place all the awesome people that add the real value to our company and make it such a great place. Just a tip: hover to see our true colors.