For some of us this past weekend was a long and exhausting one… but this post is not about complaining.

Insights on the Second Edition of HackTM

November 11, 2015

This weekend was all about the active core of our development community here in Timișoara. Talented people with a constantly growing passion for technology are driving force behind all the great meetups, hackathons, conferences and other in our IT landscape.

True to its mission of bringing together developers and technology enthusiasts, the second edition of HackTM offered the perfect setup where these enthusiasts can be up to speed with developments in the local developer community and test their coding superpowers.

Experienced developers from local companies, tech students, newbies and down-right geeks engaged in collaborating, supporting and mentoring one-another in their goal of developing some really neat apps and gadgets.

The event was structured in 6 development tracks where teams of digital advocates competed in building exciting new projects in 48 hours of intensive coding. The 6 tracks available in this year’s edition were eHealth, Automotive, City Projects, Game Development, Junior Coding League and an Open track.

After Mircea and Dani’s team won the first HackTM several other people in our company were eager to join this year’s challenge. Some weeks before the hackathon, 4 of our team members were already sketching a new app idea.

The team joined the City Projects track with their idea, a web app that doubles as a mobile app that enables users to see the best fuel price in their city. The community app relies on user generated content where people can plan to top off their tank and save some money by picking the best price in their vicinity. If you want to learn a bit more about our app, check the video to minute 1:27 and listen to the interview (Romanian only) that Vlad had with the reporters from Digi 24.

In addition to having our own team compete in the hackathon we also joined in as Gold Sponsors of HackTM. We’re always happy to be able to give something back to the community and support such events materialize into a awesome experiences.

We’re proud to be part of such an active community and we were excited to meet the people who shape the future through their creative ideas.

For more pictures and details about the winning apps and participants, check HackTM’s Facebook page. Congrats Timișoara Startup Hub and Banat IT for the initiative, kudos to all the event partners and supporters.