WordCamp Europe 2014 Roundup


Oh boy, this past weekend was a long and exciting one!


Our journey to WordCamp Europe 2014 started with a cheering 9 hours drive with the team. After the short night and a few hours of sleep, we started the morning by exploring the narrow streets and admiring Sofia’s bohemian look while heading to the National Palace of Culture. This imposing venue with a long history behind would be our headquarter during the conference, a place that charms you with its long halls, old walls and great views over the city.

The energy of the conference was vivid, hundreds of connected peers under the same roof, talking about their passion: WordPress. It was the right place to be to get in touch with the European WordPress community and not only. As the organizers emphasized, people all around the world came here to take advantage of the networking opportunities and grasp all the available information.


The brief yet relevant sessions were nicely divided between the two halls so that no matter how new or advanced you were in the WordPress field, you could still learn a few new things. And that was great for us since we had not only developers on board but also people working on QA, support and PR. We all had our own preferences among the sessions and at the end, we all have found growth experiences during this conference and we all had tons of fun at the after party.

So, here are some of the wittiest sessions we really enjoyed.

For developers

The technicalities were what appealed to our developers team. From the sessions about optimizing WordPress to load fast and efficient, till the Gestalt design principles, they were all ears.


For QA and Support

Here, things changed a bit and, on one hand, the attention was captured by usability tests, tools for the testing routine and how to overcome the security dilemma and properly handle and prevent vulnerability issues. On the other hand new growth strategies and efficiency tools were also highly appreciated.


For Business and PR

At this section, the Q&A with Matt Mullenweg was highly expected to provide a glimpse of the vision behind WordPress and some insight on surpassing the challenges that a business faces. Also, the sessions around managing client relationship, creativity and all things communication related were down to our PR’s heart.


All in all it was a wonderful experience and the versatility of the conference made our entire team really happy about attending it. Chapeau bas, dear organizers!

See you next year at WordCamp Europe 2015!

Photo credit: WordCamp Europe

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