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Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW) is the 8th largest hospital in Switzerland. With a staff of about 3500 doctors and nurses and 500 beds, KSW ensures basic medical care in the Winterthur region, provides specialized care services for surrounding hospitals and treats over 270 000 patients annually.

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The Briefing

KSW, with 3,500 employees and 500 beds, ensures basic medical care in the Winterthur region, treats around 27,000 inpatients annually, and provides specialized services for the surrounding hospitals.

The two most important requirements for us were:

  1. A modern website with a design that adapts to all screen sizes.
  2. Easy maintenance of the site. Content managers should be able to manage large amounts of data quickly and conveniently.

The solution

We supported KSW throughout the entire process, from the design of the site to implementation and content editing. The new website offers our client the following advantages:

Easy Content Uploads

The user interface for content editors is simple and offers a lot of flexibility. With the built-in layout builder, content can be easily formatted and published.

Flexible Modules Instead of Static Pages

The website is based on 25 modules. Each serves a specific purpose while allowing ample room for further configurations. The website deliberately does not contain pre-made page types. Instead, individual pages can be modularly composed of various elements (image, video, text, etc.) into any structure. Special cases are also possible: different modules can be grouped and used as “modules within modules.”

Modules can be simple, like the video module, or more complex, like the “team members listing” (displaying staff) or the baby gallery, showing all the hospital’s newborns.

Simple Data Migration

To avoid manually migrating all content from the old site, we generated XML and CSV files of the existing pages. Using an import tool, we were able to easily incorporate staff and the baby gallery into the new site. Thanks to the WP All Import plugin, we saved time and reduced errors.

We also developed a custom import tool for Excel spreadsheets. It stores data and arranges it on the WYSIWYG interface, so editors only need to assign the correct formatting with simple configuration options.

Interactive Maps

KSW consists of several clinics spread across multiple buildings. Our interactive map, featuring all hospital buildings and clinics at KSW, helps patients navigate. We prepared the image with Image Map Pro and supplemented the plugin with custom JavaScript and jQuery code. How do you like the result?

The New Website is Optimized – Also for Search Engines

Good SEO was also important for our client. Our user-friendly, correctly indexed, and responsive site met Google’s requirements. This, along with good content and the right keywords, ensures that KSW is easily found not only by its customers but also by search engines. The results are impressive: SEO traffic increased by more than 400%.