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E-commerce has become more and more important in the last few years. And more and more complex. Modern solutions must be networkable with other platforms and user-friendly. That’s why we, as an agency, work with Shopware 6. The flexible platform is technologically convincing and can be adapted to any store.

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We are convinced of Shopware 6 and are happy to work with it for you as well.


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The advantages of Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is that simple

You can also read more in our blog post about Shopware 6

Download the Shopware brochure
Download the Shopware brochure Download the Shopware brochure

Six reasons, why we work with Shopware 6

1.) Headless and API-first
The headless architecture makes it possible for us to build Shopware 6 into a complex system. Thanks to the API-first approach, the store can be linked to other tools such as ERP (Navision, Sage, SAP, etc.), PIM, DAM or CRM.
On the one hand, you can rely on template-based solutions or use a decoupled front end.

2.) Intuitive, beautiful and powerful backend
Although Shopware 6 offers a lot of features, the back end is tidy and very intuitive. You can tell that there are professionals with great e-commerce expertise behind it. Some of the highlights from our point of view:

    • The product administration is simple and offers many smart features. We especially like the features and variants.
    • The Rule Builder gives you new freedom in designing processes. You can customize content, prices or shipping costs in the back end without development effort.
    • Discounts and promotions can be created with little effort.

You can find many more features on the Shopware page.

3.) Cross-channel and cross-device
Do you sell your products on multiple channels? Shopware allows you to configure these sales channels directly in the back end. For example, you can create a channel for the Swiss online store, one for the international store in Euros, and one for the Amazon store. In addition, of course, the pop-up store with a checkout system including cash payment can also be integrated.

4.) B2B-Stores
We notice that B2B stores with a granular system for rights and roles, targeted address and contact management, and individual pricing are becoming increasingly important. Shopware 6 offers all of this as standard.

5.) Most modern technology
Shopware is based on Symfony and Vue.js. Both technologies are very familiar to us and we consider them to be very future-proof.

6.) Content & Commerce
Shopware has a simple and intuitive back end for content capture. Thanks to the innovative experience, content & commerce can be fluidly merged, which offers the best basis for a successful content marketing.


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Who uses Shopware?

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    International Online Shop Artemis Beauty Products
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    Online Shop Möbel Hubacher
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Screenshots from the Backend

Impressions of the Shopware backend

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Frequently asked questions about Shopware

How is Shopware evolving?

Shopware is a rapidly growing e-commerce software with a steadily increasing community, and thus, greater certainty of a good long-term return on investment. The screenshot below shows the growth rates of Shopware in Switzerland. Shopware is expanding internationally.

Shopware Wachstum Schweiz (, Oktober 2020)

Shopware is widely used. Here are a few reference projects shown: