Modern Meets Conservative Luxury in the New Dolder Grand Website

The Dolder Grand Webseite WordPress Webagentur
The Dolder Grand Webseite WordPress Webagentur

Simply put, The Dolder Grand is the definition of high-class standards and utmost style. The luxurious city resort overlooking Zurich is a fairy tale-like castle building that undergone an extensive renovation and enlargement completed in 2008. In 2015 the resort management decided the time was ripe for a complete makeover of The Dolder Grand’s website and we were delighted to rise up to this exceptional challenge.

Content Management System:WordPress
Functionalities:Multilingual, ACF Template Builder, Third Party Integrations

Dream Production Services

During this endeavor we had the pleasure to work closely both with The Dolder Grand management and with Source.

The concept development phase was paramount in outlining the key functionality and scrutinizing the various architecture decisions that had to be taken. The site architecture was built around two main stakeholders: first and foremost, the select clientele to whom the site had to cater information with the same precision as a Dolder concierge and second, the team of editors responsible for managing the site itself.

Aiming to capture the essence of what The Dolder Grand is and to transpose the experience in a digital medium requires far more than top-notch media assets and impeccable content. The brand had to engage any website visitor in a dialog, allowing for information to be discovered in one’s own pace while also making it accessible regardless of what section of the website visitors would be browsing or what device they would be browsing from.

In building the website, we strove to reconcile the two main stakeholders’ needs. The solution we implemented leverages the full potential of WordPress’ Advanced Custom Fields and allows editors to configure a wide variety of content modules. Moreover, the custom content management system interface enables editors to build any page template by making easy use of a powerful template builder.

The highly optimized public-facing interface showcases videos, high quality images and copy that seamlessly integrate within a fluid grid in which content modules contextually adapt their proportions and properties in respect to one another.

Any doubts one may have when trying to grasp how a modern presentation website can fall in line with the conservative style The Dolder Grand commands, will surely fade when discovering this graceful website.
Knowing your clients makes all the difference in the world. We were fortunate enough to bring our contribution to a landmark project, working together with an extended team of professionals that gave a new dimension to what customer-centric design stands for.

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