Contemporary Art Exhibitions on a Drupal 8 Website

Daros Drupal Webagentur
Daros Drupal Webagentur

The presentation website tailored for Daros Latinamerica Collection was designed to fit the evolving nature of the art industry, while exploiting its visual appeal to showcase the platform’s content. This cross-company, collaborative project was kicked-off on Drupal 8 in a time when the new major Drupal version wasn’t even in the release candidate stage yet.

Being responsible for the online presence of a beautiful display of contemporary art is always a challenging task. The frontend development was a responsibility we shared with Eyekon, a digital agency from Zurich, while the backend implementation was entirely our responsibility.

Content Management System:Drupal 8
Functionalities:Drupal Migrate module, 20 Custom Modules, Rich Content Management

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Among the needs and expectations our client had for this website reimplementation, several requirements stood out.

First of all, Daros needed up-to-date information about all artists and exhibitions they host. While these information were provided by an external source, a data sync between the website’s database and the external database would have done the job under normal circumstances. However, since Daros’ website included manually added content and the Drupal migrate module we used couldn’t update existing content, the data sync required a workaround. Specifically, in order to add new information that would over-write existing data we had to trick the module into thinking that it was updating information that was introduced in a previous synchronization.

Second, videos were regarded as a key website component and in this case they were hosted on Vimeo. When we started using several media modules which were not production ready, our developers’ experience in contributing to Drupal Core came in handy and we felt confident enough to start writing a rich content management module from scratch. The module includes a Vimeo field that allows videos to be displayed according to specs. Although it’s a neat solution, it’s also a temporary one which we plan to switch as soon as the community releases an official version for the media module.

Last but not least, we were proven once more that two heads think better than one while providing a helping hand to the Eyekon team in implementing the frontend. While they handled the design and most of the frontend development, we contributed by implementing some UI features, among which a custom selection widget that allows users to drill down through a series of filters while also being able to reset each option.

There was no surprise that this project was detail oriented considering the website’s highly visual nature. All in all we used 20 custom modules in our implementation, 13 of which are tailor-made for this project, all of which contributed to making sure that the end product matches the company’s vision and expectations.

If you’re looking for a development team able to take on the challenge of  reimplementing your company’s website, contact us and we’ll make sure our Drupal expertise is put to the best use in your interest!

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