World’s first API online trading platform for Kemiex

About the Project

The pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements market is global and growing at a rapid rate: Recent studies indicate that annual growth is 6% and that the market will exceed $ 215 billion in 2023.

  • Content Management System
    Single Page web application, "Decoupled" architecture, Angular frontend, Java backend
  • Functionalities
    accounting, electronic contracts, customer management, mail traffic, insurance of trades, payments

Performances of Dream Production

Kemiex is an online marketplace for companies focused on the trading of APIs (Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and raw materials for the feed, food, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. Kemiex has commissioned Dream Production to develop the world’s first online trading platform for these products. The special challenge lies not only in a sophisticated technical implementation, but also in the definition of the business logic of complex transactions which an online trading center entails.

The trading platform is based on a decoupled architecture. Most of the business logic is controlled through the backend. Users of the platform interact with each other through a single page web application (SPA). The SPA or the frontend client gets the data from the backend via the Java API. Both services – backend and frontend – are fully redundant on the Google Cloud platform, making them highly scalable. The frontend uses the App Engine and the backend the Compute Engine. This setup even allows new versions of the software to be loaded without users noticing an interruption. was successfully launched on September 3, 2018 and is currently in the global roll-out. Every day, new companies are added, which use the platform to handle global trade in APIs electronically.

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