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We get it: it’s okay to learn along the way. Throughout the past 15 years our team has constantly welcomed colleagues that joined us while still completing their studies and in all cases the thing that made a difference was not their experience or know-how but their mindset and drive to learn and grow into their role of developers.

It’s with our outstanding track record for nurturing young talent that the first edition of Dream Production Academy took shape.


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We are looking for 6 candidates

We are looking for 6 candidates that are ready to embark on a 5 months hands-on educational experience which will kick-start their career in the tech.

In exchange for their urge to acquire the skills of the trade we provide the physical equipment, the development tools, the time and experience of some of the most accomplished developers in our team who will become their personal guides and mentors in this exciting journey. In addition, we’ll also offer a monthly allowance to the 6 selected candidates which will join the Academy! So yes, we are paying you to learn how to code 😉

In case all this sounds good, there’s more. You will benefit from our full Dream Production experience: grill, sauna, jacuzzi and office massage services included. Oh, and if you graduate the Academy we have a job offer with your name on it.

Sounds good? You bet we have more details about our Academy program, just keep scrolling.


The Academy curricula in a nutshell

Unlike other course formats, Dream Production Academy will not focus on a specific technology. Instead, your learning experience will be based on a curricula that covers our entire technology stack, providing an end-to-end introduction into the technologies we use to develop and maintain web applications for prestigious clients.

Each curricula building block will cover one or several topics and will be concluded with a test. In addition, throughout the course of each block you will be working on a mini-project and at the end of the Academy program you will have to hand in a graduation project.

Upon completing the Academy program you will be encouraged to pursue working with any of the technologies covered in the curricula which suites you best.

If we managed to steer your curiosity, below is a breakdown of the Academy curricula building blocks.


Important information you should read before applying!

I have no programming experience. Can I apply?
Yes! We are primarily looking for solid motivation and a good understanding of logic. If you consider yourself a problem solver and find an interesting challenge in a good puzzle you have a good chance to fit the candidate profile we are looking for.

In case you studied computer programming or even made a hobby out of it, don’t be shy! Having previous experience with programming is not a requirement but it’s not a problem either. However, if you consider yourself a junior developer it’s likely that this program may be a bit too basic for you. The only way to find out is – you guessed it – to apply.

How long will the Academy program be?
The program will span across a period of 5 months and will include a 1 week vacation that will be scheduled for all participants in the same period. Participants are expected to be available throughout the entire period, roughly from July to December 2022. In case participants require a longer vacation or in a period different than the one scheduled for everyone, it will be their responsibility to catch-up and hand in any assignments already taken by the rest of the class.

How will the Academy daily schedule look like?
During the 5 months all Academy activities will take place Monday to Friday during a 6 hours / day schedule.

Will activities take place remotely, can I join from home?
The Academy program will take place on-premise, in the Dream Production office. In this sense you are expected to join the class physically.

Will all participants graduate? Do I get a diploma?
Not all participants are expected to graduate. Tests will be scheduled after participants complete one or several curricula blocks so their performance can be gradually assessed. Based on these tests some participants may be disqualified and will not continue the program.

We will not be able to issue official diplomas, but you can count on a formal letter of recommendation should you ever need one.

What language will the program be in?
For ease of communication the official language of the Academy will be Romanian, although a good command of English is expected.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?
Laptops will be provided for all Academy participants. In addition, all the licensed tools you may need will be installed and configured before you start.

Thank you for your interest

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