As we’re setting the stage for all the innovative projects that are about to come this year, we cannot help but brag about the formidable crew we have with us.

Meet the People Behind the Screens: Our Spring Recruits

April 25, 2017

As we’re setting the stage for all the innovative projects that are about to come this year, we cannot help but brag about the formidable crew we have with us. So we want to bring into the spotlight three of our recent recruits, three people who will channel their skills in nourishing our drive for achievement.



Raluca was the first to join as a Q.A. Tester. She graduated university with a major in Tourism, in hopes of following her passion for travel. After her first job in the field, she decided to keep traveling as a hobby and cultivated an interest in IT. Thus, she enlisted for a course to get her web development basics up to speed. From there, it was her positive nature and perseverance that landed her an actual job in the industry.

From the very beginning, her ability to adapt astounded us as she enjoys working with people and is sure to let us know how this fills her with positive energy. She’s outgoing by nature and loves music. Fun fact: 3 years of dance classes in her curriculum means she takes every chance she gets to bust some serious moves on the dancefloor.


As a university student, Darius joined our team in a junior position, hoping to grasp the complexity of building websites with Drupal. He’s currently studying for an engineering degree while also enjoying the student life. His path in web development started with an internship, and it was there that he realized how much he enjoys building websites from scratch.

Trading this new passion for a real job allowed him to balance and support his student lifestyle and responsibilities.

His perfectionist nature granted him not only several prizes in high school olympiad but also a keen eye for spotting glitches in the matrix. We’re sure this will prove to be a real virtue as far as writing quality code is concerned.

He tries to keep abreast of all thing new in terms of technology and never passes a beer invitation from his friends and colleagues.


A dreamer and an over-achiever, Adelina is our newest senior developer.

Since she outgrew her early passion for architecture, her main focus became web development. After high school she decided to tackle the IT field fully-prepared, so she applied to study for a diploma in Automation and Computing.

During the university years, she started volunteering and got caught in the proactivity vertigo. She got used to working just out of passion and felt how good it was to see your own ideas materialize.

Later on, Adelina got her first real job just as means to maintain her avid curiosity to travel and explore new places. Since hard work and perseverance rarely go unrewarded she was eventually offered a job where cutting edge projects were the main course on the menu and business trips were served as dessert. She learned as much as she could and after three years and a most awesome traveling experience to Japan, she decided she was ready for something new.

It was then when we got to meet Adelina and she decided she’s up for pushing forward alongside our team.

We are ecstatic by how big our team grows and we look forward to developing new ideas and projects together. If you feel your skill can match our passion for web development, have a look at our Services page and give us a shout.