A Drupal 8 Publishing Platform

About the Project

Landliebe is one of the most successful projects of Ringier Axel Springer, the joint venture between two of the biggest publishers in Europe, now leading the Central and Eastern European market as an integrated multimedia company. This particular project is actually a publishing platform that stretches across three types of media: a magazine, a radio station, and a TV program. As a whole, Landliebe has a down to earth approach, showing the natural beauties of Switzerland, gathering traditional recipes and offering gardening tips, knitting ideas and more.

  • Content Management System
    Drupal 8
  • Functionalities
    Rich Content Management, Dynamic Forms

Dream Production Services

Since we’re talking about a publishing project, the main issue at stake was finding a viable content management solution that grants a user-friendly interface and adapts with ease on all types of content.

We had to give editors full control over the content they publish and the layout of the webpage. Thus, we build a customizable theme with 6 predefined skins and an additional seventh skin that enables editors to fully configure the color pallet, presentation videos, pages background and more. This way each magazine edition can look different, according to the season we’re in. It is a feature that gives the Landliebe website a dynamic perspective, changing the mood of the whole website.

Moreover, the entire customization is done easily, without any need for development work and this is a core component of the entire website structure.

As for the website content, each section has a different structure. We have downloadable items, pre-recorded TV shows, and radio streaming. On top of that, the website is filled with dynamic forms for orders and registrations. And since there is no robust module for making forms and surveys, we made a custom implementation for registration forms, which take into account availability, accommodation types, and various other event parameters.

We took over the implementation of the redesign and rebuild the entire website in Drupal 8.

The Landliebe team was an exciting client to work with and we enjoyed implementing their website. We’re always welcoming new collaboration, so drop us a line and tell us what’s special about your project.

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