A Multilingual Presentation Website for a Popular Swiss Resort

Melchsee Frutt
Melchsee Frutt
About the Project

Melchsee-Frutt is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destination, providing a vast resort and spa with many options for past time activities. Since the resort is a to go place all year round both the winter and the summer season have their specific recreation activities and facilities. With such a broad spectrum of services, Melchsee-Frutt wanted a new website that will emphasize each seasonal offer in a way that will be informative and more importantly easy to navigate by their visitors.

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Dream Production Services

We started by gathering ideas and requirements in a series of client workshops which were refined throughout several iterations. In order to organize the site content create a clear distinction between Melchsee-Frutt’s seasonal offers, we created two distinct themes for Winter and Summer which automatically display depending on the time of the year the website is accessed. Users who want to browse year-round offers can also make this theme switch manually with a flick of a button.

While the resort is a Swiss favorite, Melchsee-Frutt’s tourist base is international, hence the website is localized with content being available in German and English.

During the design and implementation stages we worked on some custom solutions to provide full access and control for site administrators so they would be able to tweak the content according to their needs. Now, admins have a custom content section in the dashboard which enables them to built each page template individually.

Direct booking is a site feature available exclusively in German. The booking engine is built on a custom form that includes a price calculator which is based on a series of rules and exceptions. Depending on each user’s individual selection a specific price will be displayed, making each booking inquiry a simple way for tourists to customize their experience and see the cost of a vacation.

The entire website is built to fit Melchsee-Frutt’s business while offering a compelling presentation of the resort. Supported by powerful visual elements, a robust content management system and third party data integrations that provide weather information among other details, the website includes all the necessary information tourists may need to book a dream vacation.

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