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Part of a multinational technological company, FUJIFILM AG distributes native products in Switzerland. Handling a broad spectrum of professional and personal-use appliances and supplies, it is a major distributor on both medical, industrial and photography industry. Moving from analog to digital, the company provides advanced technological equipment while remaining closely tied to photography and film. Due to the extent of the product variety, the new presentation website had both a complex structure and a huge amount of content.

Content Management System:Drupal
Functionalities:Multilingual, Custom User Permissions, Content Management System

Dream Production Services

Fuji’s many departments cater to specific industries and deal with specific products and in doing so the company’s website had to reflect the same intricate structure.

The project’s biggest challenge was the creation of a multi-domain site architecture that would provide an unique working environment for each of Fuji’s business divisions.

Having implemented each division as a separate sub-site entity, we achieved two significant things. First, we simplified the choices editors were faced with in managing content, products and order requests. Second, we enabled autonomous control for admin users for each division in the backend. In doing so, user permission handling became a pivotal feature in developing the CMS.

This approach allowed us to customize the administration dashboard to match the peculiar requirements each division (and in some cases subdivisions) needed in order to manage their content. At the same time, by making proper use of Drupal modules such as the Domain Access Module (and related ones like Subfolder Domains, Domain Menu Access and Domain Access Entity), we managed to achieve an overall interface coherence in presenting the entire content management system as a whole.

Since we’re talking about project challenges, the amount of content on the website was certainly one of them. In broad terms, each product division deals with product categories, each of these having their subset of subcategories and subsequently, each item having its own specifications. The simple thought of having editors manually uploading this massive collection of data was overwhelming. As a result, we spent a good amount of creative energy in creating a custom feature that allows admin users to import product specification or even entire category structures from excel or csv files.

The presentation website available in both German and French serves both as a company portfolio and as a product index. Moreover the content is dynamic, so besides product listings, each division has the ability of publishing news and updates on events relevant for their industry.

All in all, building Fujifilm’s Swiss corporate website within the brand’s identity was no easy feat. However, managing to strike a balance between technical requirements and providing staff users and visitors a streamlined experience in using the website definitely payed off in terms of sheer satisfaction upon delivering this project.

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